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Join "La Solidaire de Brest" an inclusive race 12th and the 17th of April! (SEA-EU project)


The students from the Sports Management Department in UBO are organizing "La Solidaire de Brest" an inclusive race which will take place remotely, as one of the SEA-EU sports events. The whole SEA-EU community (students and staff) is warmly invited to take part to the event

How to participate?

  • Participation is free for SEA-EU students, registration link here
  • Route, duration and rhythm are free: you can walk or run! the route can be done anytime between the 12th and the 17th of AprilBut for more fun, run together!
  • Each kilometer runned or walked by a SEA-EU student or staff brings 1€ to a charity organisation working for a better inclusion for disabled people. Please find on the document attached how to share your results.

You'll find attached an invitation message from the students team and the guidelines to take part to the event, that can be spread among your universities. All the information can also be found on SEA-EU website

The students team will also contact soon the UBO Erasmus students in the SEA-EU universities.


The Sports Department is also organizing a online day, also open to students and staff: a great opportunity to discover their activities, to set up collaborations or to prepare a future Erasmus mobility. Registration link here and all info attached and on SEA-EU website

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