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Faculty against racism

Dear  students and colleagues

In the context of hostility towards foreigners  expressed by certain groups in Poland The Faculty of Social Sciences Council, the executive board of the Dean and representatives of Students’ Self-government wish to express their solidarity with the declaration “Universities against racism” by Polish Higher Education Institutions Conference of Rectors. We shall not tolerate any xenophobic or racist behavior. We appreciate diversity of our international students and we welcome student exchanges and cooperation with foreign partners as crucial for the development of our Faculty. In an effort to engage interculturally and become role models for tolerance we will condemn any acts of disrespect for human dignity of the OTHER.  We have had many examples of our students and Faculty members  dedication to integrate international students into the life of the entire community.

We listen closely to the voices of concern by our international students and request everybody to double the mindfulness and react to any signs of intolerance, xenophobia or racism. We ask for even more active engagement in activities aimed at integrating all our students and Faculty members.

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