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Take a virtual tour of the UG Campus in Oliwa with the JOURNEY application

With present and prospective students in mind, as well as those with an interest in our university, the University of Gdańsk has launched a virtual guide to the UG Campus in Oliwa.

The guide offers virtual walks across faculty and other university buildings as well as the external grounds of the Campus in Oliwa.

While taking a walk with the help of the application down the halls and corridors of particular levels in a given building, all in the form of 360-degree panoramas, the user is able to read on a computer screen or a mobile device such contact information provided by the system administrator as the opening hours of the Dean’s Offices, library, reading room, canteen or the copy spot located in a given building as well as other defined content which appears on the screen as a text box.

While navigating the external grounds, the user is given the option of using a virtual map to facilitate navigation across the Campus. The user may also move arrows around particular panoramas and in this way be directed to another location on the tour.

The Journey application also makes it possible to follow tours within selected buildings and the external grounds of the UG Campus in Oliwa, presenting the most interesting places in faculty buildings including auditoriums, laboratories and lecture rooms and the most characteristic places located across the Campus grounds.

During the selected tour, the user is accompanied by a commentary and an image of a guide appearing at each stage of the tour. There is also an option of switching off the voice and the guide and replacing them with text boxes which contain the same information.

The application also contains a gallery of interesting places and thumbnails of selected photos taken in or outside Campus buildings, which may be inserted as a link into any information material published on University sites.

The application is available at the UG website at http://journey.ug.edu.pl/ and may be used on traditional computers and laptops as well as on mobile devices. 

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