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Intercultural and Business Relations in Europe



You will acquire wide knowledge in the area of social sciences and humanities as well as high language competencies (in speech and writing) guaranteed by cooperation of three faculties.

You will be proficient in analysis of economic and social events thanks to understanding cultural background of European Union. You will be able not only to identify, but also to solve business problems, taking into consideration cultural differences in Europe. You will learn to work in various environments and teams that are linguistically and culturally diverse, which will allow you to work efficiently in international organizations and companies.

Business aspects of this program will prepare you not only to start a business, but also to work as manager in small companies and big corporations. This will provide you with a significant advantage over people on job market who only have typical education within economical or human sciences, because you will have both.

After this program you will be ready to continue education on Master level or Post-graduate studies, especially in programs such as: economy, international economic relations, political sciences, psychology.

Acceptance criteria

School-leaving certificate/high-school diploma grades: English (0.4), Mathematics (0.3) and one of the following subjects (0.3) – Geography, History.

Recruitment procedures for a given field of study in full-time studies take into consideration the best grade in the appropriate subject in a candidate’s high-school diploma (exam). In the event of there being  no such grade, condiseration will be given to the grade given on the candidate’s school-leaving certificate, multiplied by a factor of 0.6, and then by the factor prescribed for the subject within the given field of studies. 

Student place limits

General student place limit*: 30

Necessary documents

Necessary documents for Bachelor's degree and Master's degree.


Recruitment fee and tuition fees.


Application for the 2019/2020 academic year
June 2019!

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