Research international cooperation

Research international cooperation

The Faculty of Social Sciences is conducting research and  preparing expert opinions on the areas of migration, social exclusion and community development, neuropsychology, social pathology, cultural identity  and gender, key competences in education, legal philosophy, intercultural competences, support for talented and gifted, the position of Poland in Europe and in the world in its political, legal and social aspects and much more.

The following aspects play an important role in the research tasks and implementation projects:

  1. neuropsychological profiling of persons with neurodevelopmental disorders, psychological mechanisms;
  2. social and cultural mechanisms enhancing gender equality and the work-life balance;
  3. trans-generational transmission of physical attractiveness patterns;
  4. metacognitive self (MS) and self-regulation,
  5. pathomechanism of executive dysfunctions in patients with chronic renal failure;
  6. fusion of personal and group identity;
  7. psychopathic perpetrators of sexual offences;
  8. regulatory function of metacognitive self, psychological aspects in gynaecology and obstetrics;
  9. causes and effects of the emergence of a two-speed society;
  10. mobile education;
  11. pedagogy of innovation and the development of the university’s didactic potential;
  12. leisure activity trends.

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- research and development projects:

“Students as Journeymen between Communities of Higher Education and Work” – EU (Sixth Framework) founded project exploring students mobility

DICE – EU (Comenius) founded project exploring Key Competences in Education which resulted with Green Paper and Documented Practice presented in the European Parliament which offered innovative methodology for teaching and evaluation of social competences of adolescents in EU.

 “We educate the top leaders” – EU (Social Fund) project in collaboration with Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) on using Innovation Pedagogy (combining R&D with university courses in the form of hatcheries

“Work and life balance – Migration Navigator” – Norway Grants funded project

“ Free time practices of Polish migrants in Island” – Norway Grants project

- Journals (link)

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