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About Us

Institute of Psychology

The Institute of Psychology was founded in 1970. Since 1990 it has been a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Gdansk.

The Institute awards higher education degrees to those who complete long-cycle studies, that is 5 years of:

  • full-time studies
  • part-time evening studies
  • part-time external studies

The Institute staff is composed of prominent scholars who conduct their research studies in different corners of the globe. They publish and are cited in prestigious journals. Many staff members have been awarded academic titles.

  • professors (6)
  • associate professors (10)
  • assistant professors (38)
  • research assistans (7)

Practical work is organized in cooperation with:

  • psychological and pedagogical counselling centers
  • hospitals in the Pomerania region
  • courts
  • penitentiary institutions
  • family diagnostic and consultation centers
  • mediation centers
  • pre-schools and schools in Tricity (Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia)
  • health care centers
  • nursing homes
  • hospices
  • laboratories of psychological testing and diagnosis
  • business organizations
  • local authorities organizations
  • HR departments of big corporations
  • advertising agencies
  • executive search agencies
  • nationwide and international trusts and associations
  • organizations for migrants and refugees issues
  • training and counselling companies

The Institute of Psychology offers a wide variety of attractive postgraduate courses.

The Institute of Psychology, as a part of the Department of Social Sciences, offers doctoral studies in Psychology.

The Institute of Psychology is located in the building of the Department of Social Sciences, one of Poland’s most modern facilities. It hosts:

  • state-of-the-art auditoria
  • multimedia-equipped classrooms
  • specialist offices

o    classroom for observation and therapy (equipped with one-way mirrors)

o    classroom for methods of psychoregulation

  • laboratories

o    Laboratory of Psychological Diagnosis

o    Laboratory of Psychomotor Studies

o    Laboratory of Psychoneurophysiological Studies

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