Polish-Israeli Exchange Programme

Polish-Israeli Exchange Programme

Polish-Israeli student exchange LIVING BRIDGE  is organized by the Association Friends in Culture from Gdansk and the organization Spark Pro from Israel in cooperation with Division of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Psychology of Gender, Institute Psychology.

During the project, students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, along with students from Israel are involved in a number of classes and workshops - on intercultural communication, stereotypes and conflict resolution. In addition, the meeting participants have the opportunity to develop their culinary skills (sharing traditional dishes), theater and dance (Polish and Israeli dances) and get to know the beautiful corners of Pomerania and Israel. The exchange consists of two stages - the first one in Poland and the second one in Israel.

Living Bridge aims to create a dialogue between young people from both countries. Polish and Israeli students are looking for common points of culture and tradition and learning to appreciate cultural differences, enabling the future development and improvement of mutual relations.

The previous four editions of the project  were funded by The Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Republic of Poland.

Details about the recruitment for the next edition will be announced at the end of March 2016.

Contact: natasza.kosakowska@ug.edu.pl

Living Bridge

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