Research Studies

Research Studies

Research Projects Which Received Grants

Metacognitive self (MS) and the elements of human ability to self-regulate: the implications of MS for human performance in the following areas: cognition, motivation and emotions – prof. Hanna Brycz (NCN, Opus 6)

Characteristics and pathomechanism of executive dysfunction in patients with end-stage renal disease – a psychophysiological study with the application of source analysis – prof. Michał Harciarek (MNiSW, Iuventus Plus III)

Alternations of the spatial allocation of attention in end-stage renal disease: a behavioral and EEG study with implications for cognitive aging – prof. Michał Harciarek (NCN, Opus 9)

The development of beauty & health concepts and stereotypes in middle childhood - trans-generation transmission of physical attractiveness patterns in the concept of gender stereotypes and pro-health behavior– prof. Małgorzata Lipowska (NCN, Opus 9)

Social determinants of materialism in teenagers aged 13-16 – prof. Anna M. Zawadzka (NCN, Opus 9)

The structure of work addiction in students: selected risk factors and the relationship with stress, stress coping and psychosocial functioning – dr Paweł Atroszko (NCN, Etiuda I)

Work addiction among students in Norway and Poland and the identification of the socioeconomic factors related to students' workaholism – dr Paweł Atroszko (Yggdrasil, Research Council of Norway)

When voluntary accommodation gives strength to act: Consequences of feeling of oneness with a group for perception of the Self and outgroups' members – dr Tomasz Besta (NCN, Sonata Bis 4)

Psychological and environmental determinants of urban quality of life – dr Michał Jaśkiewicz (NCN, Sonata 5)

Standardization of the Functional Diagnosis Questionnaire for students from special education vocational schools – dr Paweł Jurek, dr Paulina Pawlicka (EFS, POKL) 

Socio-Cultural and Psychological Predictors of Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance – Cross-Cultural Comparison of Polish and Norwegian Families – dr Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka (NCBiR, Norway Grants)

Specific learning difficulties in reading and spelling - interlingual perspective – dr Marta Łockiewicz (NCN, Harmonia 6)

The brain correlates of the normal cognitive ageing assessment with the use of the functional magnetic resonance imaging – mgr Patrycja Naumczyk(NCN, Preludium 5)


Other Research Projects

Organizational silence – predictors and consequences – prof. Krystyna Adamska

Perception of procedural justice: role of gender and position – prof. Krystyna Adamska

Cognitive functioning of preterm children with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) – prof. Mariola Bidzan

Genetic conditionings of psychotic syndromes in psychosomatic disorders – prof. Mariola Bidzan

Cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s disease and fronto-temporal dementia (bvFTD) – clinical picture and development – prof. Mariola Bidzan

Biopsychosocial conditionings of dynamic health-related quality of life in various groups of urinary incontinent patients – prof. Mariola Bidzan

Cognitive correlates of developmental dyscalculia – prof. Małgorzata Lipowska

Aggressive behavior in neurodevelopmental spectrum disorders – cross-cultural perspective – prof. Małgorzata Lipowska

Procedural tax fairness – prof. Małgorzata Niesiobędzka

Conspicuous consumption – prof. Małgorzata Niesiobędzka

Psychogerontology: aging seen from normative and pathological perspectives – prof. Henryk Olszewski

Sadistic personality and sexual sadism – clinical picture, analysis of crimes and sex behaviors – prof. Beata Pastwa-Wojciechowska

Psychological conditionings of marital and family life quality – prof. Teresa Rostowska

Consequences of parents' economic migration on developing child's personal identity – prof. Teresa Rostowska

Relations between occupational activity of mothers and family performance – prof. Teresa Rostowska

Values, goals and well-being – prof. Anna M. Zawadzka

Self-motives, self-regulation vs. consumption and acquisition of goods – prof. Anna M. Zawadzka

Self-concept, power and consumer preferences – prof. Anna M. Zawadzka

Psychological determinants of brand loyalty behavior and brand attachment – prof. Anna M. Zawadzka

Determinants of well-being at work – prof. Anna M. Zawadzka

Longitudinal study of study addiction and its relationship with work addiction, socioeconomic factors, academic and organizational variables, and health – dr Paweł Atroszko

A longitudinal study of workaholism and its relationship with organizational variables, health and genes – dr Paweł Atroszko

Employee motivation to undertake development activities – dr Dorota Godlewska-Werner

Organizational stress and prevention activities – dr Dorota Godlewska-Werner

Work-life balance – dr Dorota Godlewska-Werner

Executive function profiles in youths with developmental disabilities – dr Anna Jankowska

Cognitive heterogeneity in students with borderline intellectual functioning – dr Anna Jankowska

Psychosocial factors determining the quality of school adaptation of children with developmental disabilities and difficulties – dr Anna Jankowska

Improving self-regulatory capacity in students with and without developmental disabilities: Meta-academic skills model – dr Anna Jankowska

„Out of place” in the city: measurement of individual differences in urban socio-spatial disorder sensitivity, its predictors and consequences – dr Michał Jaśkiewicz

Personality traits of music preferences

Metacognition and selected forms of musical training – dr Rafał Lawendowski

Strategies of rhythm perception in developmental dyslexia – dr Rafał Lawendowski

Work conditions and their impact on stress levels in social workers – dr Beata Mańkowska

The impact of stressful work conditions, personality traits and styles of coping with stress on professional burnout among social workers – dr Beata Mańkowska

Predictors of birth satisfaction and its importance in the process of parents-infant bonding – dr Paulina Pawlicka

Bilingualism and biliteracy – dr Paulina Pawlicka

Evaluating the effectiveness of the Warnke method in therapy of specific learning difficulties – dr Paulina Pawlicka

Psychological determinants and consequences of a modern career model – dr Aleksandra Peplińska

Specificity and quality of life among dual-career couples

Psychological aspects of behavior in road traffic – dr Aleksandra Peplińska

Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Army – dr Andrzej Piotrowski

Work engagement in the Armed Forces, Police and the Prison service – dr Andrzej Piotrowski

The Threefold Nature of Spirituality (TNS) model: Spirituality and its Intelligence as an Indispensable Tool of Human Adaptation – dr Katarzyna Skrzypińska

The Psychological Type Profile of Polish Churchgoers – dr Katarzyna Skrzypińska

The boundaries of spirituality in Beliefs-Spirituality-Religiousness (BSR) model. A third perspective: The cognitive basis – dr Katarzyna Skrzypińska

SISRI-24 – Spiritual Intelligence Self-Report Inventory (King, 2008) – Polish adaptation – dr Katarzyna Skrzypińska

Insight into eSport participants: cognitive functions of pro-players – dr Marta Witkowska

Prospective memory in Polish population – dr Marta Witkowska

Entitlement and subjective well-being – cross-cultural comparisons – dr Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska

Narcissism and subjective well-being – a two-path model of relationship – dr Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska

Personal conditionings of political behaviors – dr Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska

Psychological factors and coping with stress among driver's license candidates – mgr Piotr Dąbrowski

Neuronal correlates of non-specific digestive tract diseases – mgr Patrycja Naumczyk

Music therapy in rehabilitation after a stroke – mgr Ilona Poćwierz-Marciniak

Musician in the hospital. The influence of music on patients’ emotions during hospitalization – mgr Ilona Poćwierz-Marciniak

Individual psychological resources and the quality of life in patients with digestive system diseases – mgr Agata Rudnik

Cognitive functioning of patients with irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia – mgr Agata Rudnik

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